A Month of Caring and Sharing – The Journey Continues is a thirty-day event being held daily for the entire month of April; any Region is welcomed to participate for a 2, 4, 6 or more hour segment.  The goal is to have a daily event focused on our purpose & mission.  

 Our mission is to increase individual direct financial contributions to NA and to develop a safe place for members to begin to have difficult conversations about shifting the self-support culture in Narcotics Anonymous.The purpose of this event will be to expand the unity within our Fellowship. Collectively, we will celebrate our recovery while tackling some of the more challenging questions. Questions like: How do we move from literature and product sales-based financial support to be member contribution focused?  How do we encourage members to get involved in their local service bodies? 

We will reflect on our 7th Tradition through the event by encouraging members to set up or increase recurring donations to NAWS while encouraging members to get involved in Narcotics Anonymous service.

Saturday January 9, 2021 Washington Northern Idaho Region unanimously approved the following motion:   

That the WNIR sponsor/host and direct C&E to be the point of accountability, an electronic video conference Recovery Event Fundraiser with full reporting to the WNIRSC at the July RSC Meeting.   

WHO: WNIR through the C&E who will delegate

WHAT: Coordinate the Collaboration of A Month of Caring & Sharing-The Journey Continues

A 30 day Video Conference Fundraising Recovery Event

WHERE: World Wide Collaboration

WHEN: Date April 1-30 2021.

WHY:   NAWS is experiencing a significant financial impact during the pandemic and the WNIR has been a significant financial contributor in the past and as a result of The Journey Continues fundraising recovery event we have only just begun.


To Celebrate Our Life worth Living, to keep what we have by giving it away, to realize Our Vision, to demonstrate international collaboration so we can carry the message to every addict seeking recovery, to set the stage for recurring contributions to support NAWS at a time when literature sales and contributions are not enough to sustain our fellowship development and support efforts.

Rationale (if needed):

Excerpt from NAWS News: … We have a long history of recognizing the need for a World Service Office and being challenged to pay for those services. What we need is a change in our culture, and that will only happen when this message is coming not just from World Services, but from our Fellows. The most sustainable income source for World Services is recurring monthly contributions from members… .We sincerely believe that one addict talking to another is the only way to begin to effect a change in our attitude towards giving… For full article: https://www.na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/nawsnews/en/NN_Dec2020.pdf

We hope to have your support and participation. 

The overall mission is 5-fold:

  • 1 – to share our recovery celebration;
  • 2 – to raise financial support for NAWS;
  • 3 – to build relationship and raise awareness to access of accurate NA information;
  • 4 – to expand the discussion of supporting NA service and moving from a literature and product sales support base to individual contributions support foundation;
  • 5 – raise the number of recurring contributions individuals worldwide.

More Will Be Revealed.

For more information or to participate click contact us.  

Here is our instructional videos channel on YouTube.